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Far out Man/girl/thing You jammed the shhh so fucking hard it became SHHHHH-BAMMMM-O way to go Buddy!! Thx a bunch!!

I really am glad to see Indian Jewelry flooding the market these days. I think it is a better industry than casino by far. I just hope the don't spend all their hard earned cash on Booze. I believe they would have more seventh generation success buying a few Forest don't you?

Shh this made of dawn shibits is dope tripfantastix-co. I could bake in the sun to these trxz and wake with3rd degree burns all over my sorry ass. Pass out relax and shut the fuck up man!!

I advise You to stop being so cool your way ahead of us and we all feel left out and nerdy (in a bad way) so stop it you hip monster x10. I feel a fever coming on and my throat hurts from talking so much. OH shit fuck Shhhh right I will learn

Well right here right now is fine with me no time like the present so what are you waiting for? Why put of now what can be done later. Another time another place what are you talking about?I don't understand, wait shit shhhhh right gtg

oh shit I just say this mix is titled Shhhh guess I need to be quite. Going back to my desk know to Shhhush Up!!