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K-drama OSTs


Just a collection of my current fav kdrama osts

  • 환청 (Feat. 나쑈 (NaShow)) [Kill Me Heal Me by Jang Jae In (장재인)
  • Healing Love Kill Me Heal Me Ost Part 2 by Luna feat Choi
  • Kill Me Heal Me OST Part.3 말할 수 없는 비밀 by Moon Myung Jin
  • Unspeakable Secret (Kill Me Heal Me OST) by Rie
  • 너를 보낸다 [Kill Me Heal Me by Park Seo Joon
  • 잠 못드는 밤 (Sleepless Night) (It's Okay, That's Love OST Part.3) by Crush (크러쉬)(Feat. 펀치(Punch)
  • Ben (벤) BeBe Mignon by Healer OST Part 4 (YOU)
  • 이런 기분 by Lee Yu Rim – Kill Me Heal Me OST Part.4
  • I'll Protect You [Healer OST Part.6] by Ji Chang Wook
  • Kill Me, Heal Me, Korean Drama, OST Song by The Language Of Music
  • 제비꽃 ( Violet ) by Kill Me Heal Me OST
  • 그대 때문에 (Because Of You) [Healer OST Part 5] by 저스트 (Just)
  • 눈이 하는 말 (Healer OST) by Tei
  • Auditory Hallucination (Kill Me Heal Me OST) by Jang Jae In
  • You're My Best Friend [ost] [it's okay, that's love] by The Once
  • Healer OST Part 2 (When You Hold Me Tight) by Yael Meyer
  • Best Luck (t's Okay, That's Love OST Pt.1) by EXO's Chen
  • Love Fiction (It's Okay, That's Love OST Vol. 1) by 울랄라세션 (Ulala Session)
  • I Feel You by Various Artists
  • EXO Chen by EXO CHEN
  • 너를 사랑해 (I Love You) (It's Okay, That's Love OST Part.6) by T-Yoon Mirae (t윤미래)
  • For You (It's Okay, That's Love OST Part.4) by 휘성 (Wheesung)
  • 품 [Hyde, Jekyll And Me OST Part.3 (하이드 지킬, 나 OST Part.3)] by Yoon Hyun Sang (윤현상)
  • 어쩌면, 어쩐지 (Duet With Lucia) [Hyde Jekyll, Me by Epitone Project
  • PARK BO RAM – FALLING (HYDE, JEKYLL, ME OST) by fringefringe
  • 너를 사랑해 by Various Artists
  • U (It's Okay, That's Love OST Part. 7) by M.C The Max (엠씨 더 맥스)
  • Wonderful World [Hyde, Jekyll, Me OST] by J Rabbit
  • 오직 너만 [Hyde, Jekyll And I OST] only you by Kim Bum Soo (김범수)
  • 오직 너만 (Hyde Jekyll, Me by Kim Bum Soo
  • Falling (Hyde Jekyll, Me by Park Bo Ram
  • Because Of You (male Version) [Hyde Jekyll, Me OST] Download link in Description by Baek Ji Young
  • Because Of You [Hyde Jekyll, Me]ost part 2 by Baek Ji Young (백지영)
  • 바라보기 (Looking At You) [Birth Of A Beauty OST] by M.C the MAX
  • M.C The Max (엠씨 더 맥스) – 바라보기 (Birth of a Beauty OST Part 4) by D박수봄
  • She by Various Artists
  • Veloce (벨로체) – 미녀의 탄생 (Birth of a Beauty OST Part. 7) by D박수봄
  • Scent Of A Flower (꽃향기) [Emergency Man And Woman Ost/Emergency Couple OST] by Lim Jeong Hee (임정희)
  • I Am ( Emergency Couple OST Part 4 ) by kimroros
  • Ost. Emergency Couple by Love Again
  • Emergency Couple OST (In Changmin's Car) by lee so ra
  • I Love You, I Like You, Destiny by BBAHN
  • Ost. Emergency Couple by LeLa NovitaSari
  • [Mp3Truck.Net] by Emergency couple ost eng rom 3rd coast love again
  • Emergency Couple OST Part.5 by Akyray Yuky
  • Im Baek Chun by 마음으로 쓰는 편지
  • Take Care Of My Heart (KARA's Secret Love OST) by Oh Jong Hyuk
  • KARA : Secret Love OST by 세상속으로
  • The Way We Loved 그때 우리 사랑은 by Emergency Man & Woman \ Emergency Couple OST Part.3 Park Shi Hwan 박시환
  • Secret OST by Luong Tan Phat
  • Ready For Love (Fated to Love You OST Part. 3) by Megan Lee (메건리)
  • Secret Love OST No.2 by Into the WORLD
  • 잠시 안녕처럼 (Goodbye My Love) (Fated to Love You OST Part.6) by 에일리 (Ailee)
  • 캐논의 아침 (Morning Of Canon) (Fated To Love You OST) by Baek A Yeon
  • Jeff Bernat (Fated To Love You OST) by Be The One
  • Morning Of Canon (캐논의 아침) [Fated To Love You OST] by Baek Ah Yeon
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