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He smelled like beer.


“Gansey's partying with his mother," Ronan said. He smelled like beer. "And Noah's fucking dead. But Parrish is here.”

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I haven't read the raven cycle series yet, but I will after this playlist...woodkid, daughter,Munford and sons.... I never thought I'd find anyone who liked the same music as me :)

@Bloodletter The raven cycle is great! Maggie writes so good and is so amazing!! Oh... I like your playlists ;) Especially "damnably handsome" (i like Nikolai too)

@himares Hey, you changed your name! Thank you for liking my mixes (though I think you're the only one...) I love your mixes so much.. the sort of thing you can listen to over and over. Please keep making such cool stuff!!!!