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➵ my fallen hero


—give shance a chance

(hurt/comfort mix for my voltron otp.
why does it have to be a rare pair, cries)

art: y-annah

15 tracks
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So this mix. THIS MIX. It's fucking perfect. It reminds me of this: http://pretty-princess-eren.tumblr.com/post/148948015754/endless Like, it's weird and poetic and so so so sweet, and it soothes everything, and it's got Shihatsu to Kafka which EEEEEEEE! I didn't know this cover, it's amazing! This and that ficlet up there are exactly what I want from Shance, man. Or, hell, platonic Shance even, like in Boom Crash the Sound of my Ship? Yes. All the H/C and the sweetness and the love. Omg.

@Elenorasweet jOFDPSAEFJWOAPFJOWA FOOOH MYU GDOSH you're so sweet??????? thank you so much ;o; this has been one of the kindest comments i've gotten on any of my mixes, i'm glad you enjoy a lot! and i just read the fic u sent and oHmy gosH that was absolutely beautiful, i live for stuff like this