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Nature sounds and stuff (read description)


*WARNING* In the third track, there is some thunder at the start that tends to scare a lot of people and that has become entertaining. For people who have problems with "jumpscares", you may want to skip it before the thunder actually happens. Sorry to any of the people that got scared by it.

  • Rainforest sounds near Mission Beach, Queensland by Listening Earth
  • Listen to my Cat Purr by inconsolablecat
  • A night in the North Queensland mangroves by Nature sounds
  • Frequency Meditation by s44d
  • Majeedhee Magu Traffic Noise by Ajmal Shaheed
5 tracks
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Loved the mix. Calm, soothing and helps maintain focus while studying. The thunder bit didn't scare me, mainly because I had read all the comments before and was anticipating it. Wish I hadn't done that though. Would have loved the scare!

Have u fixed the thundertrack or something. I was waiting for the scare and it never came. Too bad :)