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dare me soundtrack

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@meganabbott2000 megan is that you? i want to make an 'are you there god? it's me, margaret' joke but i'll hold back mostly because they do that in shrek the musical and i won't fall that far. anyways, thank you!

@hipsterbambi Ha! And yes, it is me. I'm working on a script for DARE ME now and was looking for music to write by. I came upon your playlist and it is PERFECT. Thank you!

@meganabbott2000 well, you came to the right site to find dare me music inspiration as there are many a collection of playlists dedicated to the book, characters and/or the quote "boredom of dangerous girls". all lending themselves to the talent of being "writeable" to. you're going to have quite a lot of fun.

so not only does someone else love this book with a bleeding burning passion but there's mixes for it. my night/week/life is made.