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formidable marinade | hannibal x will


a mix for the flawed prince and his loving cannibal (pls feed me more human sausage angel in the blue suit xoxo)

17 tracks
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this mix is a+++++. arctic monkeys (dangerous animals is my otp song for them) and brandi carlile and just everything about this is gr10. i absolutely loved reading your little descriptions. i've always wanted to add some to my mixes but i never knew where to put them. so yeah this is amazing keep it up

hahah thanks so much. yeah, i spend a decent amount of time searching through my itunes and looking up lyrics to find those perfect songs. haha thanks you should totally add descrips i find it really adds to the mix both in the eyes of the listeners and also in the maker. i feel more connected and am better able to edit when i try to figure out how it relates~