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i've got this friend


So you have this friend, and he's been there by your side your entire life. You spend all your time with him, he's there for all the big moments. The first time you ride a bike, your first kiss--coincidentally, it just so happens that it was with him, some call it practice others call it foreshadowing-, the first time you get your heart broken, etc. And maybe he isn't just your best friend, maybe he's your sun and your moon. Hell, he could just be your everything.

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Okay so i wrote a comment but deletd and im writing a better one because this deserves more. Like legit, this playlist has captured scott and stiles so much? Their relationship has such a great dynamic and it's so clear to see how much they adore and admire and love one another and these songs such intensify it more???
idk i have sooo much feels right now from this. like i wanna cry bc i love them so much lool pls make more like this!!!!

also i didnt even skip any tracks. i had 2 listen to them all

oh wow thank you so much omg. just like yeah, i feel the same way and i'm glad others do too. aren't they just perf little angels. ugh disgusting, the two of them.