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Red Sky Morning


A mix for the denizens of the Martian frontier, and the lawman from Earth that protects them

  • The Shootist by Victor san
    Who exactly is the fastest draw on Mars?
  • Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars Theme (Cover) by Matilda T. ZombieQueen
    Kids, don your astro fists!
  • Everybody Loves a Loser by Morcheeba
    Ride along, Sparks Nevada. You won't be lonely long
  • Muse + Vitamin String Quartet Mixup. Knights of Cydonia Mashup by KiloofKilo-Tango
  • Red Sky Morning by Gangstagrass feat. Nitty Scott, MC
    An Earthling raised by Martians, the Red Plains Rider answers to no-one
  • My Name Is Trinity by Theme
    Sparks thinks this is about him, but it's actually about Cactoid Jim
  • 47B Idumea Henderson Texas 2011 by sacredharp
    Croach's tribe don't sing, but if they did maybe it'd be like this
  • Done All Wrong by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    That alternate evil Cactoid Jim
  • Spike in a Rail by bastionthegame
9 tracks
2 comments on Red Sky Morning

Heya! Firstly, this mix is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I also just wanted to give you a heads up on some of the tracks. Knights of Cydonia doesn't work; it is either a cropped version that lasts one second, or 8 tracks skips over it entirely, but still lists it as having been played. Additionally, Done All Wrong also sounds shortened. About a minute plays and it cuts off mid breath.