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A Borderline Type of Love


When you're in love, oh god you're in love. It consumes you, fuels you, inspires you, thrills you and drives you to the point of maddening maddening obsession. Your love is akin to how your emotions- intense, engulfing. And when it's good, it's perfect. But when it's bad...Oh it gets so bad.

All that love. That longing. That need. And the despair, jealousy, fear and fury.
You don't think your favourite person can understand just how deeply rooted it is, and the possibility of them leaving once they find out terrifies you.

[Note: This is a personal playlist. I'm not claiming everyone with BPD loves others the same way but hey if you feel me on this then....yeah. I'm sorry. Love can be difficult, can't it? ]

15 tracks
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