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come back and haunt me


"It's not just that she makes him a better person, and she does, but he changes her too. He challenges her. Surprises her. He makes her question her life. Beliefs. He is either the best thing for her. Or the worst."

what is this ache in my chest? oh, right, solavellan.

tracklist: http://fenris.cf/post/118752601159/listen-no-matter-what-happens-i-want-you-to

13 tracks
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Okay so...
I found your playlist on tumblr (and reblogged the heck out of it).
I hadn't even heard of this site until now but I wanted to join if only to tell you that your playlist is AMAZING and that I love it SO MUCH. I've been replaying it throughout the day. :)
I look forward to hopefully hearing more from you (as well as posting a few things of my own eventually haha).

You're amazing! Keep up the good work! :D

@ClockworkTurtle *prints this comment out* *frames it* *hangs it in my room* HOLY SMOKES THANK YOU SO MUCH????? this is amazing?! it honors me that you appreciate it so much!! honestly, i'm sure half of the plays on it are from me because it listen to it so much myself.... but yes! i will continue to provide more. currently thinking up a sera x inquisitor one ;)

@hitsugaya I can't wait to hear it!! :D And you are MOST welcome! I'm SO glad I stumbled across your list on Tumblr! :D It inspired me to make my own playlist on here, too! I just finished it when I saw your comment. :D I'll keep a look out for your other playlists! YOU'RE AMAZING! :D

Usually I don't really leave comments but this playlist is one of the best I've heard when it comes to Solas/Lavellan <3 thank you for sharing, please do make more if you feel like it!