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Just a Tiny Little Pain.

”Yesterday when you’d awoken
the world seemed incredibly old,
this is the age you are broken
or turned into gold.”

14 tracks
4 comments on just a tiny little pain

Thank you so much omg it's one of my faves too, and there's so little material within the fandom... Then I decided to do my first mix based on the book. Glad you liked!

Oh I love this book... It's so amazing. I'm so glad there are more people that love this book, and are dedicated to it. This is great. I love it!

Right?? And the book is so underrated, I mean, people should read it right away! It's very sad alright, but oh so beautiful... Anyway, thank you <3

This is perfect, i love your mix of The Storytellers and all the songs of it. This book means a lot to me and your mix expressed really good the reading. I just love it.