I've lived in Colorado my whole life. (The 4 months I attempted to live in Oklahoma don't count)*I'm not very outdoorsy...I wish the sun would fall*If it were up to me, it would be rainy and gloomy all day, everyday*I'm a hopeless romantic*I'm a sucker for rock stars who wear eyeliner*I ALWAYS meet the band*I think olives are the most disgusting thing in the world*I've lived in Colorado my whole life, and have never been skiing OR snowboarding*I absolutely LOVE my name*I'm afraid I'll never be able to "live up" to my younger brother*I'm NOT a morning person*I can dance really well all by myself, but for some reason I get scared in public*I'm a klutz...I trip over my own two feet all the time*I love to read*I love to sleep*I love..LOVE*I have a weird obsession with socks*HOCKEY IS THE BEST*I think vampires are sexy*I've read every single thing ever written by Edgar Allan Poe*I love kids, and absolutely love my job...I get paid to color and play with toys ALL day*I'm very texture oriented, I like getting my hands dirty...it's fun*I'm a doormat...people say I'm way too nice*I'm probably the biggest chicken you'll ever meet, but I'll try everything at least once*I cry...ALOT*I wish it was Christmas season all year long. not Christmas...just the season*I work a lot, and I hate it*I love sushi*I could honestly live without TV, but I'd die without music*I'm deathly afraid of turtlenecks*and sharks*and feathers*I have had the same best friends since kindergarten* I believe in ghosts*I'm superstitious*I want to live in Seattle*I can't go a day without talking to my mom*I like to be by myself sometimes*I can read a whole book in 2 days*I broke my nose and cheekbone because I tripped*I want to spend a month in europe*I cannot wait to study art, history, and humanities*I LOVE to laugh...it's one of my favorite things to do*I still watch cartoons*I would take a sporting event over dinner and a movie any day*I'm running out of things to say...if you want to know more...ask.

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