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i'll always be with you.


here it is, tommiethesalami's ultimate clexa playlist, I've been crying for ten months, yay.
66 total songs as of December 2nd, 2016. lots are covers because there is more than two songs by the same artist. lyrics, POVs, quotes and notes in the annotations.
1-2: first meeting-bomb in the village
3-4: first kiss
5-6: taking on mount weather
7-11: the betrayal
12: Clarke is taken to Polis
13-14: Lexa fights Roan
15: the coalition
16-19: Clarke in Polis
20: Titus tells Lexa love is weakness
21-33: The love scene
34-46: The death scene
47-57: Clarke after Lexa's death
58-59: Clarke goes to the City of Light
60-66: Clarke and Lexa in the city of light-Clarke shuts down the city of light

66 tracks
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