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times a thousand


trying to understand that boy whose whole gimmick is being that boy that nobody understands

5 songs about being sad and space from iwaizumi's pov (1-3, 6-7), 2 songs about just being sad from oikawa's pov (4-5), and one song about being not as sad and space from iwaizumi's pov (8)

idk what the storyline here is rlly,,,oikawa gets weird and distant and iwaizumi is sad/pissed, oikawa talks about His Feelings™, iwaizumi tells him all the things he likes about him and that he'll support oikawa no matter what niice good

tracklist+art credit: http://bokutohaiba.tumblr.com/post/149062500156/times-a-thousand-iwaoi-playlist-art-is-llarens

8 tracks
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