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Sinnoh Dreams


A 40-minute Sinnoh-themed mix for all of your studying/working needs. Remember to pace yourself!

  • Lake Acuity by LemonLord
  • ミオシティ (昼) by Nintendo
  • Pokemon Eterna Forest Remastered by Dylan (BroskiRage)
  • Hearthome City (Nighttime) by Azothyran
  • Route 209 (Day) by Pokémon Diamond & Pearl
  • Route 216 by Chan Naing
  • Snowpoint City (Night) by deepfriedmeme
7 tracks
5 comments on Sinnoh Dreams

I listened to this right after listening to @Silent Radio 's RBY & G/S mixes (Pokemon Vol. 02-04). This mix was so good! I love these Pokemon themed mixes so much!

Awesome!!! I love this playlist! It brings back soo many memories, and i just LOVE IT!!!!! When i was a little kid playing this, i forgot everything, and just played Pokemon. I emursed myself in it, and this Gen especaley! Thanks soooo much for this playlist! Please make more Pokemon ones!!! :DDD Keep up the AWESOME WORK!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD XDDDDDDXDXDXDXDXD