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homestuck music makes me cry

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these are taken from homestuck's bandcamp: http://homestuck.bandcamp.com/

basically just a playlist of music to listen to when you're sad, want to go to sleep, or whatever.

it's all instrumental as well.

and dont mind the artist names and such. bc i couldnt upload the same artist over and over again. sorry its a mess

  • three in the morning by h
  • requited by Hom
  • Homestuck: Mother by Dominique Nicole DiMarco
  • unlabeled by Homestuck Bandcamp
  • Serenade by Homestuck Vol. 8
  • Rainy Mood by Alternia
  • Sarabande by Homestuck-II
  • Flare by Clark "Plazmataz" Powell
  • Indigo Heir by solenodon
  • Cobalt Thief by solenodon
  • Game Over by Homestuck
11 tracks