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Rage on!


Somebody pissed you off so bad you want to punch something? Want everybody and everything just to leave you alone? Here is the music I listen to when I feel like a hateful, angry bitch.

powerful tracks with artists both old and new, like Pantera, Disturbed and Godsmack, with some additions from bands that are less heard of, but still pretty damn good.

I spent a lot of time and effort in this mix, so let me know what you think!

EDIT (Jan. 2013 ) : I added some new angry tracks. RAGE ON!

45 tracks
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I like it, but this is what I listen when I try to concentrate to work.

But anyway, good music.

Odlican izbor, bravo!

i think i died a little inside when i heard otep come on....you know how hard it is to find a mix on here with otep? You are now my hero

Okay, i don't want to be that Type of Cliché Girl, who says "Slipknot - listen to real Metal" .. i admit it, i've listened to it, and i still like their songs, and i think so do we all. They are pretty good, but, i personally think; they don't belong in the list.
But - other than that; i do not have anything to complain about.
Keep going.

Can't say I disagree, but I was going for that "angry music" thing and wasn't very picky about the artists. Thanks for the observation, though, will keep that in mind in the future :)