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marine deafness


But then Oikawa looked down. His lips parted in a rasping smile, and he turned away, huffing. At the moment in lens of gray-green eyes Oikawa seemed like an angel, angel which never had wings and only now felt the power, the freedom and suffering of himself. At this point - whether the flare that had fallen from a nearby bright blue car, or a cunning game of clouds and light - Oikawa becomes an iceberg, cold and immovable, a lone traveler, stepping to his fate through the frozen waters of the Arctic Ocean slowly, not in a hurry.

Iwaizumi thought that he has all the makings to become a drug addict, if he sees that. (c)

(playlist for my russian fanfic 'Морская глухота' or 'Marine deafness'. author of art: Gusari)

12 tracks
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