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Apples and Orchids on Burma's Slow Train.


That was the title of a BBC news video I once watched about a rickety train travelling through the dusty Burmese heat, with children hanging out the windows and sitting on the tracks as you pass. There are people selling betel nuts, apples, orchids, and other goods like they're in a market.

I like to picture it, swaying past green trees with the wind weaving through, carrying the scents of fruits and flowers.

(mostly sitar tracks, by Raga Hameer, Ali Akbar Khan, and Ravi Shankar)

  • Bombay Talkie by Shankar Jai
  • Raga Hameer 1 by ArnabC
  • Making Music by Zakir Hussain
  • yamani bilawal vilambit by Pt. Ravi Shankar
  • Ali Akbar Khan Come Back My Love by Rahman Amank Yudianto
  • Matta Taal Ustad by Zakir Hussain
  • sarod gat by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan
  • Journey by Ali Akbar Khan
  • Raga Hameer 2 by ArnabC
  • instrumental 3 by Pt. Ravi Shankar
  • Shanti Mantra by Ravi Shankar
11 tracks