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l'esprit de printemps.

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I love this mix! I've been listening to your playlists (haven't got through them all yet!) and i've loved each and every one! I love the poetry in 'music box'. I have spoken poetry on my ipod and people think it's a little strange, but i love it! :) well done on such good work!

Thank you for all your kind comments :) I'm glad you've liked them all!

and there's nothing as beautiful as poetry when it's rehearsed out-loud (especially by Ben Whishaw, like in Music Box haha!)

I'm curious to what other spoken poetry you have on your ipod? It's so hard to find :P

I have some by Alan Rickman - one of Shakespeare's sonnets, I forget which number, but it's 'My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun...' etc etc. He has a really unique, amazing voice.. though at first I couldn't stop thinking of Professor Snape when I heard it! (Now i think of him as Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility - have you seen/read it? It's amazing!)