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ode to boarding school girls.

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This is stunning. Your poem in the description is truthfully beyond words. You very very talented! How do you get the inspiration for your poems and playlists?

I wonder where does the quote you put in description come from? I'd love to read a whole thing, if there is such a thing.

@honey-dew , ah, no, I'm one of those outliers that actually don't have a tumblr. :) But there are these old-fashioned ways of communication, e-mails or something? (You wrote it! Curiouser and curiouser.)

Haha it's fun, but you miss the freedom of being at a regular school :) are you from the usa? If so, do they have many boarding schools there? I've always wondered :)

Ah :) for me it sounds like more freedom. No, I'm actually live in Canada! and I don't think there are any boarding schools where I am :(

Haha, I suppose it is more freedom in a way - more independence and you grow up and live with your friends! :) I'm in the UK, there are tons here! Have a swell day :)