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white lights.

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all things to the menagerie

(tracks by Glass Candy, Arcade Fire, Daft Punk)

Ezra by Flume and Doing it Right by Daft Punk keeps changing via soundcloud and I'm about to kill.

  • Let's Kiss by Mirage
  • Kill for Love by Chromatics
  • GLASS CANDY THE POSSESSED (Extende by Chapultapec
  • Glass Candy : Digital Versicolor by Mata_Reyes
  • Mirroir mirroir by Desire
  • Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel Ft Arcade Fire
  • CHERRY (Main Fix) by maydi a zolezzi
  • Geto Boys by Glass Candy
8 tracks
1 comment on white lights.

whenever you make playlists like these i have to like steady my racing heart your synthpop and electronic collection is my heart's yearning

oh my goddd ♥ hahaha why couldn't you live in Canada, we need to be real-life 3D frieennnndssss, everyone at parties here listens to the same 3 country songs and the dead mouse man, THEY NEED TO BE SAVED BY GLASS CANDY.