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taci and jae ღ


awkward first love; hand holding followed by hushed laughs. warm breaths exchanged along with warmer kisses on lips, foreheads, nose tips. cold mornings where the wind nips at your cheeks but the way his eyes glimmer when he smiles nips at your heart moreso. nothing but soft sighs exchanged in almost conversational patterns on days that were less than what you'd hope they'd be. on the mornings where you wake to find him sat at the table, sun filtered through the slight curtains casting shadows upon his cheek,his hair ever so slightly fluffed up from sleep,the corners of his mouth tilted up, eyes shut lightly, you tell yourself that no you may not know exactly what love is or the science behind it all, if there is some, but youre sure with every ounce of your mind, heart that this is love.

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