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5 comments on FANTASY

Gemini; this is perfection okay. Have a couple friends, one is a Sagittarius and the other is Aquarius so I was like OAO thanks for the great mix!!

@tokkio Did one of the songs possibly get deleted off of this? I remember there being one other song on the mix but I can't remember it for the life of me and it doesn't seem to be apart of this mix anymroe ):

@a_random_ruby ahh yes a few tracks got deleted, the most recent one being The Lonely Life by City and Colour, is that the song you're looking for? if not i'll dig farther back in my emails and see if i can retrieve the other removed songs to help you out!

@a_random_ruby No it wasn't that one, I think it was in a different language? It had a really interesting sound and name. If you can't find it, no worries (:

@a_random_ruby Ohh, then it should be Shadow by f(x)! try that one out :) I think that's the song you're looking for, because I'm pretty sure thats the only song i've had on this mix in another language! I'll try adding it to this mix again :)