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5 comments on Fascination

deadmau5 was mind blowing! good god, i wish i could relive that night again. and i'm pretty sure it was the same. the light show was nuts, huge lcd screens and there were a few animations not just stripes. his show inspired me to check out ultra this year so i'm buying my tickets in a few weeks. are you hittin up ultra fest this year? and why thank you dear. i absolutely love every song in this mix.

Love that goodbooks remix so much.

bringing back the mau5 to keep the groove goin, nice nice.

holy fuk, my favorite heads will roll remix!!! God damn! Excellent.

Great logistics track, not their usual style, at least on the other albums, loved it!

Digitalism always rox my cox

This track is golden, dont know how i stumbled across it a while ago, but tis good, Linus Love knows how to remix.

love the last two tracks, great mix ms.pie hehe.

the reward is CHEESE! aww yeah guhhrl. Wasn't Deadmau5 amazing!?! Ooh man, loved it so much, the intro was fuking crazy, gotta give mad props to the guy who did the lights. Was it the same there? Were the lights set up like a huge LCD screen then a bunch of strips of LCD screens? oh Man! it was delicious!