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c r y b a b y


"Chris... you're not really gonna shoot me, are you?"

Kinda from the point of view of Ashley who kills Chris, but also just a general Ashley mix. Preferably in an ending where most of the kids are dead, tho. But most of these are just Ashley, who she is, what she's done, and what she's left with.

"Ash! Ash, come on this thing is RIGHT BEHIND ME! Please let me IN!"

I actually really dislike Ashley, but this mix was a lot of fun and I feel closer to her in a way. She's my child, but shes my least favorite and she's terrible lmao. It was fun making a mix for a character I kinda,,, hate,,, even a little. But yeah, it was so much fun to analyze her character at least.

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love this... ashley is my least fav in until dawn too. thing is i LOVE all the characters, so i still love her. she's my slytherin daughter and this mix captures that so a++