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☆ Dance Weeb Dance


After much demand, and complaints, I've decided to continue the weeaboo fanmix. This time it's time to dance.

Turn up the tunes, weeaboo.

(This mix is a work of satire.)

Art - Haruhi Suzumiya

(Also, I included a song for you Koreaboos and Chinaboos.)

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4 comments on ☆ Dance Weeb Dance

well, in the description of this mix, it isn't apparent at all. what weeabooism etc does is it turns people's history and culture into characitures for you white people to enjoy. i'll get over myself when you stop turning the cultures of other people into fun phases for yourself. i'll stop when people like you stop being praised for their "cultural diversity" while i'm demonised for speaking in the same language you appropriate.

This is the second mix of the series, so I did not feel the need to talk about the parody aspect. The mixes are meant to make people feel shameful for acting like disgusting bratty idiots. I agree that weeabooism does that, and that its a very insidious type of appropriation, but I think that you're accusing people who understand the appropriation aspects and have gotten over the weeaboo culture of being happy about it. These mixes were made in spite of the weeaboo phase, to make fun of those who attached themselves to it, rather than praise the fact that the media aspect of Japanese culture was turned into a phase.

Also "people like you" is seriously calling out on me when I have commented that I dislike the cultural appropriation myself. Demonizing me for bringing up the bullshit that I and other have done in the past is like shaming a dog who is already potty trained.

Also I don't think any weeaboos are praised for being culturally diverse, and if they are it's only by other weeaboos.

1) i disagree with the ableist term "idiot" used.
2) if you are going to take the satire approach, then you should well know that satire humour has to have a serious condemning aspect to it-which i didn't see. if i didn't notice it and the other commenters didn't recognise it as satire, then it is not properly done, full stop.
3) yeah well, weeabos are being constantly praised by everybody (and by everybody i mean everyone who isn't Japanese) for having this "appreciation" of Japanese culture. i see it constantly.
4) these people you're talking about? the ones who have realise that all this is wrong? they aren't here. even the comments talking negatively about their past weeabo-ness have done jack shit to actually acknowledge why it is wrong. it was mostly them just giggling in respite of that "asian nerd phase" they used to have.

plus, even if you have changed, that brings up the question to why you're getting so personally defensive. it also begs the question to why you're still doing this. man, at least regulate the other bonafide weeabo commenters. if you still really want to do it this way, then just make the satire more obvious, please. it's clearly flown over the heads of the majority here.

I myself hate ableist terms and have been trying to improve my use of language, so thank you for bringing that up.

Back to the point, I made this mix mainly for fun, the satire side of it being just a part of the whole. And who are you to say that none of them realized that this was made as a joke, to shame people for what they had done? To me a lot of the comments reflected that.
I have never seen that, before during or after my time as a "weeaboo". Not all people are going to take the seriousness of their "nerdy Asian phase" as it should be.

I believe that everybody is defensive when somebody starts a conversation labeling them as a cultural fetishist and calling them disgusting.

Perhaps if you hadn't commented so rudely in the first place I would have discussed this issue with you in more easygoing terms, but you have personally attacked me when I'm only trying to do good and help people realize their actions are theirs alone and they deal with the consequences.

was i being rude? i can't tell very easily...btw congrats on not trying to use ableist language. i'm just saying if you have so much time to chat with me over here then maybe it would be a better use of your time to tell people who don't see the satire that it is satire ("everyone" and the like was a hyperbole). look i'm just saying that you should up the satire factor a bit to make it easier to see that it is satire. i'm sorry if i came across as hyperaggressive, but it's literally how i have to be to survive. i'm sorry about it though. i also can't tell when i'm being too aggressive, so it make seem really unprovoked to you, but not to me. i'm not excusing my actions, just explaining them.

At least from my perspective you were, though human perspective always causes people to come off on the wrong foot (historically and even know). I suppose in my perspective I've done all I can to try and push that this is a parody, and I think that many people do see that. I am planning on making a video on how the negative parts of nerd culture effect the general population, and perhaps include this sort of issue as well, though I guess I just don't see it as an issue to go through the comments. If I were to go to youtube and look at the comments on a Vocaloid video I'd get much worse results, so I see the sort of remembrance in the comments here as not so harmful.
I'm really glad that you've apologized, because over the past week or so I've honestly felt like a bad person for making a mix series that is meant to make people question their times as a weeb. I understand how that is, because I myself am often hyperagressive about gender and sexuality issues IRL. I hope that I do not seem like I'm excusing my actions to you either, as I do agree with a lot of the issues you've brought up.

Perhaps if you'd like to discuss world issues a bit more you could sen me an ask on my tumblr and we could discuss a lot of issues over Skype? I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts, and I think we could have a very enriching conversation about many things.

sure, my tumblr is only-lovers-left-in-genosha. i don't have a skype because i can't figure out how to work it (plus i have no one to skype anyway.) what's yours?

My tumblr is BooHooGulu. And yeah, skype is p. ridic. when it comes to using it. It's hard to think that such a popular communication tool has such shitty application.

ugh i know-it has such a difficult format too! it's so common and popular, you would think that the ppl running it would try and up the quality of the entire application

a really great mix to make would be a scenekid/edgy teen/emo/goth/MySpace user mix full of stuff like Evanescence and Linkin Park, etc.

excellent mix. lots of pain surfaced within the very fiber of my being, as happened with its predecessor.

Theres actually a really good mix out there that goes with that theme that I personally recommend. http://8tracks.com/rapunzul/preteen-angst Definitely give it a listen, it certainly deserves the platinum it got.

I'm so glad you've enjoyed both, and the final mix in the series is actually under the works.