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She Burns Like the Sun


She'll burn our horizons - make no mistake.


A mix for my sweet little Cassidy... Here's to my girl with so much desire, and so little satisfaction.

There are annotations on almost all the songs to vaguely explain the implications of each song.

Tracklist and more info here: http://hopethefangirl.tumblr.com/post/97352787268/she-burns-like-the-sun-listen-a-playlist-about

25 tracks
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@MightyRaccoon Thank you so much!!! I'm so flattered!! She's actually changed a lot since I made this playlist, through rewriting and re-developing her character, but she's still my baby and she's one of my finest characters!!

@hopethefangirl thank YOU for the playlist *u* ! Yeah, it often happens when you deepen the story with charas, but still, this "old version" was great! Will you make a new playlist for your whole new developed Cassidy ?? :D

@MightyRaccoon omg I'm sorry it's taken me this long to reply, hahah! But I did make one new playlist for her a little while ago! Even that's a little outdated, however, so I still might make an even newer one Cx Her redevelopment has been so drastic though, so they both won't sound anything much like this. But if you'd like, her newest playlist is called Little Fallen Angel, and it's in my gallery of playlists. Cx She has an AU list too where she's a succubus as well~