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after the thrill is gone


«People tell me, I haven't changed at all
But I don't feel the same
And I bet you've had that feeling too
You can't laugh all the time.»


A post-pacifist Mettaton fanmix; last time, I gave you some retrowave and vaporwave--now, I bring you a series of rock pieces (mainly progressive, synth and hard rock). There's definitely a thematic continuity in this playlist, and I hope I successfully managed to convey it. There are also vaguely implied/referenced Mettapants elements in a few songs.

Tracklist + relevant quotes from the lyrics of each song on my tumblr: http://horreurdeluxe.tumblr.com/post/151686438944

Cover art source: https://tinyurl.com/jk8jl5r

15 tracks
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Your playlists never fail to rally my spirits. Always found that particular Pink Floyd album quite relatable. Love love love Scorpions and Genesis and, of course, Depeche Mode. Alas, poor Mettaton...

@motmotfluttersforth Hey. c: You know, recently I've had a great time going through all of your Mettaton-centric works on ao3 again -- and, well, they never fail to stimulate me. I don't think this playlist would have existed without them. So, thank you so much for being such an inspiration and, of course, for listening.