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the same deep water as you


You make me the strongest of all men
I'll remain the happiest of men.

A Mettaton/Alphys playlist focusing on the routes wherein one mourns the loss of the other--King Mettaton ending and Genocide path--and starting off with a glance at their dynamics prior to the events of the game, hinted by Mettaton's diaries and Alphys's entries found in the true labs.

Cover art source was ssarang_a on twitter (but it appears to have been removed)

25 tracks
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The kingdom must be tiresome and colorless to the king when he lacks the companion he wishes he could share it with. Sometimes I feel exactly that way, missing people as time has passed. I'm in a lonely mood today and this is making me so sad. But feelings are good things; such are the joys and burdens of being alive. Thanks so much for another lovely playlist.

"Winter" -- perfect lyrics in that song, wow! There's a lot of songs in this list I've never heard before, and I appreciate that. Do you know the Aimee Mann cover of "The Scientist"? It's a live bonus track off the 2-disk version of her album "Lost in Space".

@Mz.Mallow And I appreciate your feedback! The story development around their relationship, though subtle, is definitely going to remain one of my most favourite aspects of the whole game. I’ve always found it a bit discouraging to see that it was either largely overlooked or somehow misinterpreted by the majority of the fandom, which I think is why there seems to be a certain lack of fanworks. Thank you for your suggestion – I didn’t know that cover, I just gave it a listen and well, if it isn’t a superb rendition! Perhaps I might even include it in this fanmix (as a bonus track?)

I'm pleasantly surprised to see a fanmix with this theme! I think it's strongly hinted, practically canon that these two had an intense relationship that was much different than the "they were friends, then they drifted apart" surface narrative, but I barely ever see that idea in fanworks.