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A mix of old and new music about the city of Warsaw and it's inhabitants.
Cover art by Władysław Skoczylas.
Also my very first mix. If you find a typo or a mistake in English, please notify me and I'll fix it.

  • Projekt warszawiak nie ma cwaniaka na warszawiaka by jacekb
    Lyrics by Stanisław Grzesiuk, modern interpretation by Projekt Warszawiak
  • Sen o Warszawie by Czesław Niemen
  • Bal Na Gnojnej by WSM Warszawa
    Lyrics by Stanisław Grzesiuk
  • Piosenka o mojej warszawie by Mieczyslaw Fogg
    "Piosenka o mojej Warszawie"
  • Varsovie by Brodka
  • Stacja Warszawa by LADY PUNK
    As this is music uploaded to soundcloud, I don't know how to fix a typo. Band name should be "Lady Pank"
  • Hejnal Warszawski by Zbigniew Bagiński
    "Hejnał warszawski" is a official hymn of the city since 2008, and it's played everyday at 11.15 AM from the clock tower of the Royal Castle. It's the time the clock stopped at during the bombing of Warsaw in 1939.
  • Miłość, Warszawa I Ja by Skowyt
  • Hitlerowcy (wersja oryginalna) by Lao Che
    Couldn't resist putting Lao Che here
9 tracks
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