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i had a completely different mix made, but scrapped it and crafted this beauty instead; might give it a name later. all the sh*t i've been listening to a lot lately, with a spooky ass layout ("I just f-ed your witch in my spooky flip flops" - postyy)

theme of the mix is one big story (meant to be played thru, no skips, no shuffles) about ppl and stuff; ft. post malone, ty dolla $ign, solange and more.

pic: places+faces

30 tracks
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This is legit such a skillfully crafted playlist. I've shared it with my friends, and I loved it so much that when I sat down this week to start making mixtapes on cassettes, I used this playlist as my first source of inspiration. Thanks for the chill vibes and diverse palette, @hospey.

leave a like if you enjoy the mix, share if you loved it! gonna be dropping one more special one (more upbeat, i promise) for y'all on @redleafgoldteeth this week!