116 comments on What we do in life... echoes in eternity... by hotmoklet

Carter_londagin & gorthal: Good call, thanks for that! Thinking of picking something from Moon, but will figure out something soon! :)

johnno7 - cheers mate, glad the playlist is keeping you company! You aren't doing law by any chance are you? ;)

I listen to this all the time so I think your doing great man but some suggestion I would add is add some Clint Mansell he is really good.

Thank you all so much for the fantastic comments - really made my day/week/month - what have you! :)

Had a request for Inception's score - would have put Mobasa down but I'm already up on my quota for Zimmer sadly :( Thanks for the suggestion though - it's a good one!

However, adding a track shortly to the list - it's a bit of a throwback, but hope you like it! ;)

I would honestly be failing math right now if not that I remembered this awesome mix. You will be the reason for my degree, just saying

This mix is nothing short of staggering... thank you very much.

It is far easier to focus on homework with music like this in the background

I loved this mix up until Farewell Apollo...at that point no words can describe the love I have for it now. Thank you. You're the bomb.

Thanks so much! Am a huuuuge Battlestar fan - can't say I've seen the new mini-series (Caprica et al.) - worth doing at all? Hope all's well!