All mixes ruined by the split with Soundcloud should now be fixed! However, this site's new design makes me not even want to look at it, so I can't say with any certainty whether I'll be making future mixes at this point.

Hi, there. I'm kind of a reclusive girl who prefers to go by an alias online, and right now I've fallen into going by Tiberius or Tibs. You can call me that or some variation of my username; honestly, I'm pretty lax about things like that so long as I know you mean to address me.

I'm the kind of person who has a million projects going at once but takes an eternity to finish any of them, so my mix sharing may be sporadic at best. I am, however, working on a few Supernatural-based mixes at the moment.

Also, pardon the mess that is my list of collections. I have no clue how to organize anything yet and tend to go overboard with attempts at categorizing things. I'll figure it out, eventually.