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Exams are Life Ruiners.


The ultimate study mix, containing the old and new to help with the terrible task of studying.

Mostly acoustic, including the likes of The Paper Kites, Ben Howard, and Bon Iver and much much more!

Good luck to you all, exams are slowly killing me

Exams are life ruiners, they ruin people's lives...

65 tracks
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This is honestly the best mix on the whole app! Amazingly good, my favourite :D One question: what language is the song by Sigur Ros? Its so good, I can just feel the emotion behind it :)

Sorry for the delayed reply! Thanks! I really appreciate the compliment :)
Sigur Ros often sings in Icelandic I believe, but I also heard that they kind of make up their own language as well, so I'm not entirely sure haha.
Another AMAZING song from their new album is Varúð, so much emotion :)