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Fight or Flight Classical


Classical to juxtapose running from a bear, taking on your boss, battling your way through traffic, acing the big test, fighting with sticks out in the front yard, performing neurosurgery, running on the treadmill, or fighting your way across the battlefield.

16 tracks
3 comments on Fight or Flight Classical

J'adore! Thank you, you put some good vibrations in my day! Can you give me the title and artists of your playlist so I would be able to buy m'y favorites songs?

This list is great! Lots of different things going on but the theme stays dramatic and varying like a bumpy ride through different worlds

@k4ren Ah thank you! You hit the nail on the head, actually. I had noticed in my exploration of other epic orchestral playlists, that most had gone for a universal theme that lead to some inconsistencies in the "drama" or "intensity."