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The moment our eyes met


Some sad OSTs // piano BGMs

  • Back In Time by The Moon That Embraces The Sun
  • Hurt (Rooftop Prince OST) by Ali
  • The Moon that Embraces the Sun Opening Theme by Melviin Khoo
  • Minor Waltz (Cinderella's Sister OST #12) by hohopang1935
  • 90_Blue Waltz by IP147
    I actually don't remember what drama this was from, I remember listening to this on another mix but yeah.. sorry D;
  • Taisetsu Na Koto Wa Subete Kimi Ga Oshiete Kureta Ost Prelude by Taisetsu Drama
  • Background Music by I Hear Your Voice
  • 살고 싶다 I Wanted To Live Background Piano Music by That Winter The Wind Blows
  • The Most Beautiful Thing (Crucible OST) by NA
  • 무진의 도가니 (Crucible OST) by NA
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