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Harry Styles has a really good music taste :(


xxx last update // 2.19.2015 xxx

strictly songs harry has mentioned or tweeted about
--ps this is the original playlist--
--ps pls don't make the same playlist and use the same songs by just copying them down from this playlist instead of actually working and researching them--
-thats v mean i worked really hard on this thank u--

42 tracks
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It takes a lot of time and hard work to compile his favourite/mentioned music. Truly, a wonderful job! I don't think I can do more than just compliment... but I hope it helps in brightening up your day! :) Much love. xx

Hi! Can you please make this into two parts or something bc it always switches over after like 20 or so tracks to another playlist. And I want to hear all the tracks please! Plus all your hard work is for nothing then :( thanks so much for everything!!!!!!!!

why i can't listen to all the playlist? it always changes after 20 or something song to another playlist