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WH0 4M 1


A Mix For Me

  • Power Glove by Knife Party
  • Bit Cover) by When You Were Young (8
  • Friendship melody by deetroy
  • Paradise (8-Bit) by Coldplay
  • Dr. Dialtone by DuelScreen
  • r0t0f3ul by chiptune
  • Miror B. Theme (Chiptune Cover) by chafos
  • Skyrim Main Theme by Chiptune Cover
  • I'm Blue (8bit cover) by Jack Musajo
  • All That She Wants (cosplayed 8bit chiptune rmx) by Ace of Base
  • Get Lucky (Dualtrax Chiptune Cover) by Daft Punk
  • Smooth Criminal (16-bit Cover) by Michael Jackson
  • Face The Unknown by Jayster_
  • Say It Ain't So (8-Bit) by Weezer
  • In Too Deep (8-Bit) by Sum 41
  • Kid A (8-Bit) by Radiohead
  • bit Cover) by Liquid Negrocity (8
  • OutKast, Hey Ya. 8Bit Cover. by Awimbawe
  • Sandstorm 8 by Bit Cover
  • I Want You Back (Jackson 5 Cover) by superorder
20 tracks
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