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Ode to 80s


Present day synthpop, indie-electro, funk, new wave and anything that oozes thick 80's-inspired texture and atmosphere, right down to the vocals, while gunning for something a bit nostalgic, futuristic and vintage all at the same time. A clear nod to a pretty kickass decade. (And yes, I was born in the wrong era.)

29 tracks
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You are so sweet! I trully love working with your music all around. So... "buenas noches y mejores días" (good night and better days!).

@christastahl Thank you doll so sweet of you to drop by and leave a comment! Being appreciated from the other side of the country, in this case from Mexico, for something I love doing and obviously passionate about is very humbling and heartwarming (the power of technology, indeed!) Much love from the Philippines ♥

OMG? this is seriously mind blowing and I'm slightly freaking out from all the attention lol! Extra honored to receive your first real comment, thank you!! :)

Awww thank you!! It's probably one of my favorites I've done in awhile, I'm still in the middle of fixing stuff and working on that damn write up (See, the trouble is that I take music blogging VERY SERIOUSLY lol) but I'm happy to hear you find it so so good! :)