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Signs of Atrophy


A mix for the brilliant boy whose mind is starting to fade. For the nights in the hospital, the nightmares, the prospect of dying.

[Sorry, 3.18 has made me incredibly morbid.]

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15 tracks
5 comments on Signs of Atrophy

Beautiful! The transition from "Emphasis" to "Heal for the Honey" is just gorgeous. You just know how to create a mood <3

Aw, thanks, Richelle! I always value your opinions on my mixes! I think it might me my favorite one I've made, to be honest. I guess just because all of these songs have gotten to me enough to make me cry at some point or another, and I feel like they all came together really nicely for me to say things about life/loss/death that I was trying to say with the mix. I'm so glad you like it! <3