Is this playlist safe for work?

O' darling believe me Im dancing on the inside xD

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Oh, that sucks! I didn't know there was such a limit. I guess it makes sense; they don't want people just posting albums. I look forward to your next playlist! Yeah, the playlist I have up was not actually my creation. It's a copy of someone else's because I saw them share it, but it was deleted when I went to listen to it. I'm pretty sure I gave them credit in the description though. Thank you for the like though! You should check out the person's other playlists if you liked it.

@HunterWalker23 Oh, yeah, I definitely liked the first song and appreciated that it was what it was since I had been looking for a party rock playlist. I think, personally, when I think house party or club party, I think of things with heavier beats than what I was hearing. Cuz what I heard was more chill, and I think of party as more "jump with your fist in the air" ya know?

@makkan Right, I understand now haha you are right about want more heavier beats, I like it too, I will try to do a better playlist with this type of song. Maybe more of Awolnation, Klarah and Aero Chord could do it but unfortunately here we cant create a playlist with more than 2 songs of the same artist. I see you made one nice playlist too, you have my like :)

I really enjoy the musical selection! That said, I don't know how "house party" it is, at least after the first song. But it was very nice to get ready to bed to!

@makkan good to know you liked it, I think this playlist can be used more for a club party, I dont know if you liked the first song but I think it is a nice song to start a party, or even just have it on the playlist, and then are some others much better than the first one. But yeah you're right, it is nice to just listen while you are alone at home doing nothing haha sometimes I use this while playing on xbox