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Art of War

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The army drums cut off human travel,
A lone goose sounds on the borderland in autumn.
Tonight we start the season of White Dew,
The moon is just as bright as in my homeland.
My brothers are spread all throughout the land,
No home to ask if they are living or dead.
The letters we send always go astray,
And still the fighting does not cease.

- Du Fu, "Thinking of My Brothers on a Moonlit Night"

  • Spectres in the Fog by Hans Zimmer
  • The Last Samuri by Idyll's End
  • Spectres in the Fog by Hans Zimmer
  • Red Cliff Rescore Intro Sequence by David Fang
  • Jeff Van Dyck by Jeff van Dyck
  • Shogun II Total War OST (HQ) by MushokuKitsune
  • Shogun II- Total War OST (HQ) by Ona Hei
  • 銅鑼Gong4N by Rathlion
  • Sengoku BASARA The Last Party OST: Heavens Door_Final_Version by Hiroyuki Sawano
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