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battle drums


fast paced battle tracks for the heroes, and dark,eerie ones for the villains

  • An Untamed Beast by Sleepless
  • Howl of the White Wolf by Hypnos The God of Sleep
  • Prince of Persia (The Two Thrones) The Upper City Speedkill by wizard2 ✪
  • A High Spirited Tiger by Soul Calibur 5
  • Lost City Suite (Tomb Raider: Anniversary OST) by gameuser
  • Somewhere Combat Drums by Ninja Gaiden Z OST
  • Chun-Li's Theme by Super Street Fighter IV
  • Snow Castle Composed by Go Shiina (Masaru Shiina) by Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection
  • Unfinished Battle by Xenoblade Chronicles Music
  • Track 01~God Of War II~Main Titles by God of War II OST
  • Devil May Cry OST by Ultra Violet
  • Mastermind by Fire Emblem Awakening OST
  • Blood Starved Beast by Bloodborne Soundtrack OST 06
  • Earth Shadow Of Mordor OST by Middle
  • Leonard's Regret by Drakengard OST
15 tracks
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