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absens corpore.


have you ever felt that feeling, that your whole body was absentminded and your soul feels the independent flow of everything existing.

we'll be lucky if we ever see the sun.
absens corpore

for emily, the art and mythology loving girl.
quia emily, artis et historiae fabularis pia puella.

11 tracks
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So, nina bae. I finally found the strength to comment on this awesome mix after listening to it probably 6 times. Some of the songs are so emilina i can't. I love love love the cover and theme. Damn girl you have a feeling for songs and poems. May god bless your soul! Ut benedicat tibi anima deus! amans, emily <3

@emilybuzolic thank you solo much. Sentiant omnes tuum verum copulat venire ( i didn't know how it would translate ships so i chose the german word lol )