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Walking Before Running

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Hello : ) The whole list would be nice. Take your time though, no worries. I really love the choice of music you pick out. Btw, do you have tumblr? ^____^

Aw Thank you~ I try~ C:
I don't really have a tumblr, should I make one?? C:
Here's the list let me know if you need anything else ^w^

One Day – Kim C
Then – Park JiYoon
I’m For You – Ra.D Ft Inbar (Acoustic RMX)
I Must Be Crazy - Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm & Soran
Shy Confession Song – Milk Tea
Perfect Moment – Lala Sweet
My Favorite Things – J Rabbit
Super Star – LOVEHOLIC
Breath (Interlude) – Mystic Puzzle
Good Bye – The Melody (Coffee Prince OST)
You Never Know – Clazziquai (Soft Remix)
One Fine Day – Morrie
Come Alive – Clazziquai
Just Like That Day – Mystic Puzzle
Be My Love – Clazziquai (Original Mix) (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon OST)