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it's all under control (escape plan bravo // voices)

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i just finished ep 4 and even though i trusted jack in everything before, this is the episode i told the girls abt him AND i rejected him @ the end of the ep... so what i'm saying is that i have a lot of feelings and this mix is gr8!

GOD DAM IM SO HAPPY YOU MADE ANOTHER MIX PLAYLIST! You keep getting better! thank you so much!! 8 tracks only played 6 of them this time, hopefully i can hear the others tommorow.

cnooo :( i love your mixes so much i love how you take the trouble to edit them with voices sometimes and how that gives like a completely different and more inmersive experience and ahhHhh! but... 8track is not being friendly with those of us out of USA :( is there any way to download ur mix? cause i doesn't let me listen to anything anymore (just via youtube but your songs aren't there) ahng im sad

@viperness Heyyy! I've been debating (for awhile now) starting a youtube channel where I upload all of my edits, so I finally did. I only have one song up as of rn, but more are on the way! This is the link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChkGt2iLcWDmJ9LPdDN9vbA . And I just want to say thank you for sticking around and listening, it's really nice to know you enjoy my mixes. Have a fantastic day!!

@murdersaurus-rex you have no idea how HAPPY this makes me ahh!!! ;u; (i know u didnt do it just for me but thank you!!) and just take your time with those, i will make sure to check on your mixes once you've upload them, ahh again thank you!