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commanded by voices

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The start was a bit shaky - don't get me wrong, I think that Lose Your Soul is a great song and it fits, but it turns up in every other mix and I'm a bit tired of it (same, unfortunately, goes for Me And The Devil, which I love but pls no more). Werewolf Heart is good as well, but just a bit meh for me. But then... my jaw did a slight drop when Land of Broken Promises came up, I never thought of this song in this context but it's so perfect. My Home Is Your head is amazing, I've never heard that song before and now I'm sad that it took me so long to find it. Same with The Troubles. And then Salvation came up and I did a little happy dance because it's such a great song and I see it so rarely. This mix is definitely going on my "perfect, eternal faves" list. Thank you! Now watch me go listen to every other playlist you've made ^^ Side note: for some reason Climbing up the Walls comes up twice, and the first time is without annotation?

@Karaeir thx for your comment! maybe CUTW has been played twice because 8t has some troubles with correct playback. also i didn't heard LYS in other playlists, but ok, i take on trust.

@hypnotic spell maybe I just got unlucky with my playlists? But my friend who's also on 8tracks says the same thing about LYS, so idk. Maybe you are the one lucky person who avoided all playlists with it ^^ Btw congratulations, you've managed to get me addicted to The Troubles, I won't listen to anything else for the next 2 days.