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It's the grey evening and you are washing the dishes. In the bath tub, you could hear the rain. There's an old bookmark in your favorite book you didn't remember making. You've been sitting in front of your computer screen and didn't realize the darkness had slowly closed in on you.

And you just cry.

tracklist: http://rhowens.tumblr.com/post/98557535651/its-the-grey-evening-and-you-are-washing-the

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@Dwileck i am really sorry for the late reply and i can't think of an excuse good enough to justify my absence in commenting but if you're still interested.....

@Dwileck i've had trouble finding it for you but i had some spare time so here you go :)
naruel beoji marahyeo
kereon nunnero
bukkereo un
naenunnilir gwabwayeo
a a a a
eo jireouen naemaeumdeo buranhan naeyeonghuendo
siroejilkoet kateun
imomdo nayaeyo
miryoenhan naemusibul
gamssaju ji marrayo
a a a
hunja gyeondyyeoya hal geoshimul
naneun jal arrayo
gedaeye ddattithan nuenbichen
nareul yaekhaejikae hajo

naruel beoji marahyeo
kereon nunnero
bukkereo un
mauemuel arrajeoyo